segunda-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2011

cartas para julieta

Dear Juliet 


                                                                                                                                                                               I'm living a drama in my life, a big dilemma ... I'm torn between two loves, and neither one of them is a man ...

The first love is the comfort the  to live in a the marriage and to be sustained and totally dependent on someone, we simply  we conform and something seems we to hold ...

The other is the freedom to live my life without worrying about being hurting me and hurting someone, hurting someone being so selfish and cruel, did not expressing my feelings more real and sincere that I feel nothing ...

I want to have more courage to act and not just be talking ...

Fear, fear of suffering even more, being unhappy, to fail.

This pain of living this dilemma is sometimes so strong that it overcomes fear, and makes you want to "kick the bucket" without immediately look back ...

When the anger passes seem to have lost the strength, and we follow in sameness and we give one  the chance the chance  of chance  ...

So different ... sometimes irritates me so much ... do not need much, because sometimes I feel so much anger inside me of not having the courage to act, that the anger of the world, and end up cashing this person ...

do not want to live like this anymore, torture me and suffer

For now I will continue my drama do not yet have a final verdict for this story involves both .... and is so complicated ... but I'm sure we'll have a happy ending but what is best for both is what will be done! !


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  1. Passei para deixar um montão de...
    no seu coraçao!!!

  2. Olá, Dani!
    Tem um prêmio dedicado a vc no meu blog esperando ser retirado.
    Espero q vc goste!
    Tricot como Terapia e Puro Prazer...